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We are a family of missionaries in Western Ukraine. We minister in the city of Mukachevo, and all of the Trans-Carpathian region. Joel pastors "Living Water Mukachevo" and leads our team of locals and missionaries in BRINGING THE GOSPEL TO THE LOST AND THE WORD TO THE FOUND.

From a living room, then a 2nd floor office, to various storefronts; our "Sunday Service" (currently in a converted mini-mart near the river) is the place people are invited to weekly hear the Word of God and the Gospel.

Our goal is not Mukachevo alone, but all of the Trans-Carpathian region, and all of Ukraine; so we look for ways to build up the Body of Christ throughout the region. Our goal is always to raise up a new generation of leaders. We always looking for people who want to try long term missions.

Our current focus of ministry is the refugee crisis as a result of war. They have converted their church into a refugee center and are also placing people in homes, and coordinating with many other churches and ministries. Through the church and the generosity of  many people we are able to financially provide for the needs of many ministries serving refugees.

Outside of that, ministry happens in daily life: personal evangelism, conversations about God with neighbors, explanations of faith to the curious... along with praying for the sick, feeding the poor, and generally living a life of servant-hood for others. It is "Missions as Life", and it is an honor to be called.
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