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We are a family of missionaries in Western Ukraine. We minister in the city of Mukachevo, and all of the Trans-Carpathian region. Joel pastors "Living Water Mukachevo" and leads our team of locals and missionaries in BRINGING THE GOSPEL TO THE LOST AND THE WORD TO THE FOUND.

From our living room with 1 person, a 2nd floor office, and various storefronts; our "Sunday Service" (currently in a converted mini-mart near the river) is the place people are invited to weekly hear the Word of God and the Gospel . Joel is currently teaching through "Mark".

The last few years has seen many unsaved youth come to the Lord, so our "Discipleship Groups" is where we help them lay the foundation of their faith and begin steps in leadership and serving.

In a global world English is often a required skill. So, with several Americans on the team, we use English as a means of introducing people to the Gospel of Grace. Our "Speak-UP English Club" meets Wednesdays with classes for children, and adults. This continues to be a successful tool for building relationships and ultimately bringing people to the Lord.

At "Friday Night Cafe" we have many "regulars" (kids, teens, parents) for coffee, games, music, and conversation. It's a place where we can address issues of faith and life in conversation and God continues to work through it.

Monthly we host the extension campus of "Lviv Theological Seminary" where working pastors and leaders are receiving their training. Thursday night is our survey of the Bible, we are currently in Genesis and will continue verse-by-verse through the entire Bible. 

Saturday we host an inter-denominational youth outreach "Film Night", plus our Saturday "Ladies Breakfast". We have weekly guy's and girl's discussion groups led by young leaders. We have quarterly "Women's Teas",  Mountain Hikes for the boys, weekly morning prayer, church Prayer breakfasts, and street evangelism through drama, art, and witnessing.

We also have our "Roma Ministry" where we do children's educational and Bible programs. We provide humanitarian relief and the gospel. We currently have 1 village the church sponsors, but our team is working with many more. As well we have Orphan ministry at a few local orphanages.

There is a "U.N. Refugee Camp" in the city, most of the residents being African, and many Muslim. We have been ministering to them and sharing gospel as well. Besides the international refugees, Mukachevo's population of "National Refugees" is growing as the War in the East continues on. God has been bringing these men and women to us as well.

Our goal is not Mukachevo alone, but all of the Trans-Carpathian region, and all of Ukraine; so we look for ways to build up the Body of Christ throughout the region. Currently we are working with a Hungarian church near the border to reach out to the youth, and preparing for a Bible study in the nearby town of Uzhgorod, the capital of the region.

Our goal is always to raise up a new generation of leaders, we believe in hands on training. This is why we are excited to have both Ukrainian and American "Ministry Interns". We always looking for people who want to try long term missions.

and then there is the ministry of daily life: personal evangelism, conversations about God with neighbors, explanations of faith to the curious... along with praying for the sick, feeding the poor, and generally living a life of servant-hood for others. It is "Missions as Life", and it is an honor to be called.


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