The Ukrainian Alliance of Independent Evangelical Churches is a national religious association which was registered with the Ukrainian State Committee on Religious Affairs in 1995. With well over 100 churches in 17 regions of Ukraine, it consists of Protestant churches which are Evangelical in nature,  and those of the 19th century Ukrainian Reformation, founded by Ivan Prokhanov.

Structurally, the IEC Alliance promotes horizontal cooperation between participating religious communities without a leadership hierarchy. New Life, The administrative headquarters and central church is located in Kiev, and it's head pastor is the President of the Council: Bishop Anatoly Kalyuzhny.

The IEC Alliance promotes an active stance on the need for spiritual revival in Ukraine and throughout the world. Participating churches are actively engaged in charitable, educational, and evangelical activities. The Alliance is diverse in style, methods, and doctrine; but is unified on these things:

  • A reverence for Scripture: that we would teach the Word of God to our churches and put it at the center of their lives.
  • A call to Evangelism: that the Good News of Jesus would be spread throughout our cities and beyond.
  • A need for Discipleship: that we would continue to grow in Christ and help our churches mature.
  • A duty to Charity: that our churches would be devoted to sharing the love of Christ in action and ministering to physical needs.